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Tool and mould making

What is a stamping shop without a high-capacity tool making shop?

We will tell you the rate at which we can contribute towards the achievement of your targets, thanks to our highly innovative toolmaking shop:

Your ideas, in the form of part drawings, are converted by our toolmakers, with CAD support, into efficient tool designs, complying in full with your requirements with regard to dimensional accuracy and output as well as reliability and process safety.

Based on more than 50 years' experience in the economic manufacture of electrical steel laminations and interlocked stacks, continous improvements in tool function and reliability are introduced quickly and effectively by our experienced designers and toolmakers.

Modern machinery with powerful machine tools are the prerequisite for this.
The focus lies in the building of progressive dies for the manufacture of laminations and interlocked stacks with maximum dimensions up to 1,100 mm long.

The major strengths lie in an enormous expertise in the construction of progressive dies with in-die stacking assembly for the production of laminated armature cores and housing packets of straight or twisted design with driven rotation matrices and the most modern punch packeting control systems.

The short distances between toolmaking and punching shop are an additional advantage. The experience gained in the punching shop will be of advantage to customers for new tools.

Machine equipment:
  • Milling machines: 6
    Max. workpiece size 1200 x 630 x 560
  • Surface grinding machines: 12
    Max. workpiece size 900 x 500 x 400
  • Cylindrical grinding machines: 2
  • Wire erosion machines: 10
    Max. workpiece size 750 x 500 x 350
  • Cavity sinking EDM machines: 2
    Max. workpiece size 400 x 300 x 240
  • Jig milling machines: 2
    Max. workpiece size 400 x 250 x 150
  • Lathes: 5


Your Contacts at Hidria-Bausch

Staff at the
toolmaking shop: 39
  • Konstruktion: 4
  • Programming 3
  • Toolmakers: 15
  • Milling worker: 4
  • Grinder: 2
  • Erosion operator: 4
  • Other: 7

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