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Stamping shop

Our stamping shop, which has specialized in the manufacture of electrical steel laminations since the company was founded in 1949, has progressed constantly from the smallest beginnings to become one of the largest stamping shops in this field.

We are stamping today with the most up-to-date high-speed presses, fitted with programmable stacking controllers and control systems for skewing the stacks.
Our customers are well known manufacturers in the automotive sector, in the areas of air-conditioning and building installation practice, electrical hand tools and in the field of stepping and servomotors, which are used in automation technology and in the aerospace industry.

Our strong point is the manufacture of lamination stacks such as:
  • Twist-free, straight twisted or skewed rotor stacks
  • Twist-free and twisted stator stacks
  • Core stacks in various configurations
The part diameter is in the range of 7 mm to 220 mm, presses of 40 to 200 tons of press force are used and the maximum tool length is 1,200 mm.

With a total of 28 automatic high speed presses, we can react quickly and flexibly to the demands of our customers.

With eccentric presses and machines for single slotting we can cover master and small lot production.

Furthermore, we have the facility to carry out various processes downstream from the stamping. In this connection the following four processes are mainly used:
  • The riveting shop, for manufacturing riveted stacks.
  • The welding shop, in which the stacks are welded using the TIG process
  • The glueing shop, where the glued stacks are assembled from laminations in the baked enamel process
  • The assembly of pencil cores, followed by the assembly of pads and the shrinking of the pencil core and if required, the machine processing of the outside diameter


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Stamping shop equipment
28 automatic high speed presses:
Quantity capacity in tons
2 40
2 50
9 60
4 80
3 100
3 110
3 125
1 160
1 200
Of which 15 are equipped with the most up-to-date punch packeting control systems

5 Notching presses
4 Eccentric presses

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