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Prototype construction

Speed is not magic

Our powerful and highly flexible prototype construction supports new developments of our customers in a perfect way.

The first laminations or lamination stacks can be delivered a few weeks after receipt of the customer drawings. This is possible through simple, standardized compound dies, based on pre-fabricated parts.
The great advantage is that the pattern parts are manufactured using the same procedures as the later serial parts, i.e. the electrical characteristics of the device can be transferred from pattern 1 : 1 to the series.

The following equipment is available for the manufacture of prototypes and pilot series:
  • 4 hydraulically operated punching presses with 20 tons of cutting force.
  • 1 Trumpf laser-cutting device for mini-series and delivery in a few days.
  • Various wire erosion machines, also for the manufacture of laminations and stacks within a week.


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