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Hidria Bausch's core competences include the powder coating of laminated armature stacks and stator stacks for basic insulation. 30 million laminated armature stacks and stator stacks can be insulated annually on 7 coating machines - 6 of which are fully automatic.

Using the electrostatic principle, the stacks are coated in a powder bath and then pass through an induction heating system, which heats the laminated armature stacks up to 250°, and the powder melts on and hardens.

In years of cooperation with the equipment manufacturers and the powder suppliers, Hidria Bausch have constantly improved the procedures. We can always optimally meet the strict quality demands, especially in the automotive domain.

Coated a million times over

In the last few years powder coating in our Company has developed outstandingly. By purposeful investment in the newest technology and additional capacity we are able to meet the increasing demand optimally, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
In addition to coating laminated armature stacks without shafts, in one of the plants there is the capability to coat rotor stacks complete with shaft, collector and thrust ring in a linked line installation. In doing so the following process steps are run automatically:
  • Metering shafts
  • Feed stacks
  • Assemble shafts
  • Fit thrust rings
  • Coat and
  • Push on collectors


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